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So I have developed an obsession…Now I have painting my nails (I do it like almost everyday…it is sick)…being a control freak…shoe shopping …very large earrings…weird skin behind ears…and mustaches!

I will be honest this mustache thing has been around for awhile now. I think I have been in denial. I guess I was just hoping I would get over it and it would go away, but alas it has not. Just as I continue to paint my nails till they become permanently dyed to an unnatural color (currently, BRIGHT BLUE!!), I have continued alienating my friends and family with my talk and visual aids of everything stache.

I can’t really say where it began, but there was an instance last summer in Alaska (LOVELOVE AK! Go there! Seriously!) with some sort of tree called Old Man’s Beard where the sort of sticky tree leaf stuff resembled an old man’s mustache/beard (see below). Once (or twice :0)  my friend  and I wore the tree stache for some very lovely photos. And later my own mother mistook me in that photo for a boy.

It wasn’t my proudest hour.

Old Man’s Beard Tree

There was also a beard/stache contest that I attended…Which really didn’t help the situation cause they had some seriously cool beards. But not as cool as this guys’

This guy is like my hero. Check out the World Beard and Mustache Championships!

Yes. I know about the World Beard and Mustache Championships. And I know they will be in Las Vegas in 2012……………….

Needless to say, I tried to get over this strange obsession as quickly as possible. However, I cannot help myself. I make fake beards and mustaches with my hair–either tying it with a hair tie or braiding it. I have gotten really good at it. Really. It is quite embarrassing how many pictures of me there are like this. But without fail it happens. And I can’t stop.

To get to the point, I love mustaches 

So in an attempt to control my mustache love, and avoid the awesome albeit odd mustache only related gender identity crises, I have begun to seek out mustache paraphernalia instead.

And now I have a shopping problem.

My Mustache Wishlist:

1. Mustache Pillowcase Set

I just met a girl who made her own pillow cases and comforter with birds on it (that she painted or drew…) I kind of want to try to make a do it yourself mustache pillowcase!!

2. Mustachioed Refreshment Straws

It is too bad they are out of stock! I want sommmmmmeee.

3. Kids ULTIMATE Bearded Beanie

This one may be the cutest beard/mustache combo that I have ever seen! OMG

Kids ULTIMATE Bearded Beanie Warm Brown

I am going to save this one and I will buy it for my future little nephew  🙂 But they do have them for adults too!

4. Mustache Shaped Flask

There are a lot of mustache flasks out there, but I like this one because every time you take a drink you get a mustache!


5. Mustache Pint Glass Fun Drinking Glassware Bar Ware

Mustache  Pint Glass Fun Drinking Glassware Bar Ware- 4 Piece Set - MustacheGlass

Love it.

6. Mustache Mugs 🙂

stacking mustache mugs

7. Printed Villian Moustache

I may decide to make my family wear these for our next holiday get together….I was thinking Bald Family Christmas or Thanksgiving, but now with the whole mustache thing taking full swing I may change it to ‘Stache Family Christmas….

It just doesn’t sound as good as Bald Family Christmas… Maybe next year 🙂

8.  Mustache Bandages

They are like the grown up version of Disney Princess Band Aids I used to love 🙂

9. Mustache Ring

I think I have a small obsession with rings too…So this is a dangerous one!

10. Mustache Baking Mold

Only because I have a soft spot in my heart for odd shaped baking molds.

And I would love to have mustache party with a mustache cake! Where everyone wore printed villain mustaches! And drank from mustache straws.